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We got an exciting brief from our Client, Leadway Assurance to help drive growth through a clear communications plan that shows a simple way people can take care of funeral expenses and also cover their loved ones from all discomfort in the event of death. Because death is such a taboo subject, the product, (Leadway Family Benefit Plan Plus) had shown very low uptake, so we tackled a brief about death in an unusual way; with humour, excitement and every ounce of creativity in us.

We launched with an idea that was unique and equally provoking to start the whole conversation by using a local nuance Nigerians call “See Finish.” “See Finish” is a colloquial speak that illustrates the state of losing ones self-respect and regard. A state that often occurs when you become ‘exposed’ due to the revelation of your shortcomings, vulnerability or even from over familiarity. This feeling of a loss of respect at having been placed in such a position, in our culture is one of the fastest ways to succumb to “See Finishism” syndrome. So when people need money to cover unexpected funeral expenses and have to resort to begging people for money, people end up being victims of “See Finish.”

We executed the idea using a 360º integrated approach and launched with an attention-grabbing activation across the city featuring half-naked people looking exposed. All other communication depicted the feeling of being exposed and told humorous scenarios of the shame of having to ask for monetary help from friends, relatives and acquaintances to plan a funeral due to not having a funeral cover in place.

The campaign not only generated maximum buzz and attention for our Client, but most especially got Nigerians seeing death differently and taking out a funeral plan to avoid unwanted “See Finish!”

March 26, 2019