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‘Bottom-Pot’ is a popular Nigerian expression used to describe the most delicious part of a pot of food. It’s also the special flavour that people expect when authentic soups and pottages have been cooked in the traditional way. This flavour is created using a traditional fish base and through slow cooking caramelization, which enhances the smokey fish taste.

Using this insight, ‘Bottom-Pot’ was the ideal way for MAGGI to get people to understand the intensity and authenticity of flavours that they can expect when using MAGGI Naija Pot.

‘Bottom-Pot’ not only describes the taste consumers can expect, but also evokes an emotional response, as this type of taste is usually enjoyed with friends and family creating memorable occasions.

In this commercial, we have shown that MAGGI Naija Pot helps people not only feed their family nourishing and tasty food, but also enables people to create dishes that are authentically Nigerian. And in so doing, helps strengthen family and community bonds.

November 7, 2017