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We received an exciting brief from Nivea to create a promotional campaign to introduce Beauty Month to the Nigerian market. Beauty month, a first of its kind in Nigeria would be a seasonal celebration of beauty championed by Nivea beauty products. The campaign was aimed to accelerate sales, encourage cross category usage, induce trial and most importantly, create an emotional connection with Nigerian women.

Due to the COVID-19 health crisis and consequent lockdown across cities, many women relegated their beauty care priorities to the back seat. The urge to look and feel beautiful became largely ignored, hence the drop in sales. How do we get women to see the need to keep looking and feeling beautiful whatever the situation?

Using our Humankind approach to connect with our target audience on a deeper, more emotional level, we tapped into a core insight that real beauty comes from the inside and shines out on the outside as a reflection of every woman’s unique beauty. Also using a multi-channel and influencer marketing approach, we used this insight to create the inspiring “Reveal Your Beautiful” campaign.

The “Reveal Your Beautiful'' campaign celebrated the diverse beauty of Nigerian women, achieved its goal of making Nigerian women feel and look beautiful despite the pandemic as reflected by their glowing outer beauty enriched by the range of Nivea beauty products. While Nivea products flew off the shelves, the campaign got millions of Nigerian women owning their inner and outer beauty with a renewed confidence and saw women sharing, liking and revealing what makes them truly beautiful.

July 20, 2020