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It's Wonder Woman's Day

When she landed on Planet LB in her Amazonic braids, glasses and cape, we knew she was one of a kind, and a one of a kind woman deserves a one of a kind partay! It was a no brainer really, we had to take…

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LB Bloopers

At Leo Burnett Lagos, we’re a bunch of crazy cats, who play as hard as we work… and we work VERRRRRY HARD. But don’t take my word for it. Play this video.


In an attempt to show the features of the JAC S3 car, we did a video that not only caused a twitter frenzy, but also helped us associate the brand with innovators, as well as showcase its don’t stop your…

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Leo Burnett Lagos Reaps More Fruits At 2017 LAIF Awards

It was another fruitful year for Leo Burnett Lagos as we carted one Gold, one Silver and three Bronze medals at the recently concluded 2017 LAIF Awards.


‘Bottom-Pot’ is a popular Nigerian expression used to describe the most delicious part of a pot of food. It’s also the special flavour that people expect when authentic soups and pottages have been…

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Our Reward Is Cristal Clear

At the recently concluded 2017 African Cristal Awards, Leo Burnett Lagos received some medals for an outstanding work in telecommunications. We bagged a sparkly Cristal and an Emerald overall, in the Pan…

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