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Leo Burnett Lagos’ Creative and Strategy Leads take on “Effective Advertising in the new normal” at Pan Atlantic University

Leo Burnett Lagos’s Creative Lead, Esosa Osagiede and Strategy Lead, Emeka Obia were guest lecturers recently at the School of Media and Communication, PAN Atlantic Atlantic University for the Executive…

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We at Leo Burnett Lagos love all things nice and beautiful, but on Christmas Day, all that we wanted were composed into a very merry song.

Care to sing along with us?

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We’re Humankind, so we’re always in our feelings because we care about what helps people. Here we are this Friday, letting out our feelings like…

Shiggy #InMyFeelingsChallenge #BetterLateThanNever #TGIF…

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It's Wonder Woman's Day

When she landed on Planet LB in her Amazonic braids, glasses and cape, we knew she was one of a kind, and a one of a kind woman deserves a one of a kind partay! It was a no brainer really, we had to take…

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LB Bloopers

At Leo Burnett Lagos, we’re a bunch of crazy cats, who play as hard as we work… and we work VERRRRRY HARD. But don’t take my word for it. Play this video.

Lettered Doughnuts

Surprise! Surprise! It was #LBDoughnutWednesday and we couldn’t wait to get our hands some sweet doughnuts. Can you find a dough that matches your first name? Look again.